I'm an occupational therapist-turned mindset coach and consultant.

I help OTs with a special interest in women's health to navigate the world of business and online marketing with confidence!

So often I am asked "Do OTs really work in women's health?"

The short answer is YES, absolutely!

There are OTs around the globe, doing amazing things in women's health. This includes specialty areas including fertility/preconception, prenatal health, postnatal health, family wellness, maternal health, pelvic health, perimenopause/menopause, sensory processing, trauma-informed care, breast cancer recovery, chronic pelvic pain, adolescents and more. 

How do I know this? 

Because I talk to these OTs every day. Through coaching calls, discovery calls, mastermind groups, Q&A calls, Facebook group discussions and recorded guest interviews... This is what I do for a large portion of my week!

So trust me when I say that women's health is growing as an emerging area of practice for the OT profession. 

Believe me when I say that our network is strengthening and the ripple effect is growing. 

Dozens and dozens of therapists from around the globe - researchers, students, clinicians, entrepreneurs - are thinking outside the box in terms of women's health, professional growth and service delivery. We're creating courses, developing programs, building strategic relationships, doing research, advocating for positions and starting up businesses. 

Who is Melissa LaPointe?

I'm a consultant and mindset coach from British Columbia, Canada. With over 13 years' clinical experience as an occupational therapist in pediatrics and women's health, I have a unique perspective when working with health practitioners. I also had my own brick & mortar business for several years, knowing what it's like to burn the candle at both ends while wearing all the hats. I get it!

In the last two years, I've made a massive shift in my business to focus on something that is very near and dear to my heart: supporting occupational therapists in thinking outside the box with service delivery and online marketing.

I now support trail-blazing health practitioners around the world in reducing the overwhelm, building online products and expanding their audience with confidence. It’s my mission to create a safe and supportive space for personal growth and development, empowering therapists to help grow the OT profession from the inside-out.

Melissa LaPointe outside on her laptop
I’ve already helped dozens of trailblazing therapists in thinking outside the box in women's health, entrepreneurship and online revenue streams - and I can help you, too!

Here's How We Can Get Started

If you're planning to add an online revenue stream to your practice this year, this FREE masterclass is a must! Don't waste thousands of dollars on systems that you don't need. Learn to get out of your head. Discover the five essential strategies that every therapist should know before venturing into the world of content creation, automated systems and online marketing!

This is an online introductory series that's suitable for OTs, COTAs and even OT students with a special interest in women's health. If you're looking to build a business -- or if you're looking for ideas on growing in this area of health without building a business - going through the 10 lessons in this series will help to open your eyes as to what's really involved in getting started.


In this 75 minute live masterclass training , we review an OT's role in supporting their clients through the various stages of c-section recovery, including pre-habilitation and postoperative care. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how OTs are practicing in perinatal health and holistic c-section recovery. Our next masterclass is scheduled for March 7th 2019.

If you're wanting more inspiration and support, check out my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY where you'll find special guest interviews, bonus content and more!