I help occupational therapists to embrace their role as entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the online space so that they can confidently generate more revenue and build the lifestyle they want.

Are you a therapist that's wanting to do more in the online space?

Do you have a fire lit under you to have a bigger impact in the world but you can't figure out how to get started in the online space or how to cut through the noise? 

Are you feeling burnt out with your clinical work and you're craving more freedom and flexibility with your schedule?

Have you been dancing around with the idea of creating an online course but life continues to get in the way?

Do you see other practitioners on Facebook launching online programs and you keep kicking yourself for not taking action already?

Trust me, I get it. 

In 2015, I created my first online course without a sweet clue as to what I was doing. I had list of 52 people, a fear of being on video, zero start-up costs and minimal tech skills.

Did I mention that my course focused on bridging OT with prenatal/postnatal health -- at a time when everyone insisted that OTs don't work in this area of practice? Including other OTs??

To say it was anxiety-provoking and overwhelming would be an understatement! 

But I had such a strong desire to get this information out into the world that I did it. I created my first online course! 

That's when I realized that creating the course was only the first step. I then had to navigate my way through marketing and sellling it. I was sooooo uncomfortable with promoting myself and imposter syndrome was kicking in big time.

So I invested in my first business coach and invested in doing the work. 

And a year later, I did it again. 

It wasn't long before I launched an online membership community... Which was an entirely different learning curve! But I was hooked. 

I then ventured into the world of online coaching + consulting. This caused a lot of strain on my marriage, as my husband still didn't really 'get' what exactly I did and why my business was still operating in feast-or-famine mode at a time when I should have been having a more predictable income. 

But I had a vision for how I wanted to show up in the world and I wasn't willing to settle for anything less. I could see the impact I was having on the therapists in my circle.

I was gaining more clarity on my target audiece and I was learning to tune into my why. 

Despite the curveballs that were thrown my way, I leaned in to the fear and discomfort. I was so motivated to keep going! 

I hadn't come this far to only come this far! 

And in 2018, I hung up my clinical hat to become a full-time online entrepreneur. I went all in on this crazy dream of mine. I committed to taking ACTION, always learning from my mistakes. One baby step at a time, I'm continuing to move forward. 

It's now my mission to support other therapists on this transformational journey, helping them to think outside the box in terms of online revenue streams and service delivery!

3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...

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This is a content platform I was inspired to create after supporting dozens of therapists around the globe in women's health. 

Who is Melissa LaPointe?

I'm an OT-turned consultant and business owner, based out of British Columbia, Canada. I have over 14 years' clinical experience in pediatrics and 5 years' experience with running a cash-based therapy practice focused on prenatal/postnatal health and family wellness. In 2017, after a series of traumatic events in my personal life, I made the tough decision to let go of my brick + mortar practice altogether. Over the next six months, I proceeded to transition away from my clinical work and embrace my journey in the online space as a coach, consultant and course creator. I now focus my time and creative energy on supporting other OTs around the world in positioning themselves as authority figures in women's health and navigating the online space with confidence.

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I’ve already helped dozens of therapists around the world
to level up with their online business - and I can help you, too!

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