We're supporting OTs around the world to think outside the box in terms of service delivery in the online space.


There are Currently Two Ways to Work with Us:

Self-Paced Learning

If you're on a bootstrapping budget and you want to try a DIY approach to figuring out this whole online thing, our library of self-paced learning resources might be the best place for you. This is where we have a variety of Melissa's trainings and masterclasses available as stand-alone products, on topics related to digital products, women's health and OT entrepreneurship. 


Visionaries on Fire | 
High Performance Coaching

This is a high performance coaching program for OTs wanting to grow and scale in the online space as coaches, course creators, community leaders and business owners. With a focus on sales, marketing + digital leadership as therapists working to make their first 100K online, we support our program members to make good money and do great things! 


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