An innovative business mentorship and
coaching program created by OTs, for OTs.  


We help OT coaches, course creators and practice owners to have a bigger impact with their work through leveraged offers and sustainable online revenue streams. We do this through peer-based learning, group coaching and community support, all rolled into one transformational program.

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Is Visionaries on Fire the right program for you?

  • You're a therapist who's craving more freedom, flexibility and autonomy in how you practice and work with clients.
  • You're an OT that's open-minded and growth-oriented.
  • You're a female entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) with a passion for doing things differently and thinking outside the box.
  • You're driven by the desire to help others and have a bigger impact, while also creating a business that will support your family's financial independence.
  • You're craving more mentorship, camaraderie and support from people who understand you.
  • You want to hang out with thought leaders and change makers who inspire you!

Who We Help

This program is a great fit for therapists who are channelling their strengths into sustainable revenue streams outside of direct therapy services.


OT Coaches

Regardless of what type of coaching you're offering, we'll help you to hone in on your systems, learn your numbers and be more strategic with your time!


OT Course Creators

Building an online course is one thing... We'll help you to create an offer that actually sells, while using a launch method that doesn't overwhelm you!


OT Entrepreneurs

We'll help you to do a deeper dive into your numbers, build a stronger team and be more strategic with your time, as you transition into the role of CEO.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Melissa LaPointe, Creative Director for Visionaries on Fire. 

I'm both a performance coach and a business consultant, with a clinical background as a rural practitioner in pediatrics and women's health.

Having worked in the online space as a coach, a professional mentor and adult educator for almost a decade, I've since leveraged my experience and skillset to help hundreds of OTs to grow sustainable online revenue streams while reaching more people with their work.

Ways to Work with Me