Having confidence as a clinician is important, but it's also important to have a supportive professional community, a basic understanding of sales + marketing, a strategy in place for service delivery and a business mentor.

Our WHOT Learning Hub was designed to provide you with all this -- and more!

If you're an OT that's inspired to work in this area of practice, our learning hub is hands-down the most effective way for you to get started! 

Do you see other occupational therapists offering WOMEN'S health services and wonder "why can't I do that?"

You then find yourself day-dreaming about the different ways you'd like to work with clients... The training you would get, the modalities you would use, the women you would work with, the way you would set up your home office, the difference you would make...

It all sounds so exciting!

You then do more research and discover there are hundreds, if not thousands, of OTs already practicing in this area of health.

You're so passionate about this idea! You're inspired to be an OT again!

And then the self-doubt starts to creep in. You find yourself thinking of all the different questions you have.  

How would you get started? What training would you need? How will you pay for the training? Where exactly would you practice? Do you need a mentor? Where do you find a mentor? What would you name your packages? And your business? How much would you charge? Should you hire someone to build a website or try to save money and do it yourself? How do you find new clients? How much time should you be putting into Facebook and Instagram? What do you use for emails and documentation?

And how the heck do therapists make money online?!

Being an OT in the early years of women's health can be a bit of a rollercoaster with limited resources, TONS of questions, a growing to-do list and a bootstrapping budget.

Add to that the imposter syndrome and before you know it, you're spending a small fortune on professional development and training.

But what do you do once you have those certifications and trainings? How do you monetize your hard-earned skills and advanced education? Where do you find paying clients? 

If only there was a way where you could access more training, find someone to answer all your questions and help you to get a better idea of what working in women's health is all about -- before you take a leap of faith and go all in.

What if I were to tell you that there is a way to get this level of support? 


The WHOT Learning Hub

online training and personal development tools

The content in our learning hub was designed to familiarize you with key concepts, therapeutic approaches and service delivery models in women's health. Think of this as your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration and streamlined trainings to help you turn YOUR women's health vision into reality.

We want to equip you as a leader in women's health, feeling more confident in your elevator speech, your services AND your support network.

We'll provide you with resources and support as you build your therapy practice and strengthen your marketing skills.

We'll provide you with guidance and encouragement as you navigate through the common roadblocks and obstacles when getting started. 

We'll also inspire you to think outside the box in terms of service delivery and business development!

HOW THE whot learning hub WORKS

Getting Inspired as an OT

Our WHOT Learning Hub contains a number of video lessons, a webinar and a growing number of special guest interviews that highlight the role of OT in women's health and most importantly, demonstrate how other OTs are already having success in this area of practice.  The sky's the limit and you're only limited by your imagination! 


It’s hard to know what you don’t know… Which makes it tricky to create a professional development plan if you’re fairly new to women’s health! Which is why we've created a safe space where you can ask our members about other courses, compare notes on the different training options and do more networking BEFORE you invest. If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration, we’re also regularly bringing in other therapists and course instructors in for special guest interviews. Bring your questions and join in on the conversation!


With our rockstar community of peers and mentors, you’ll be able to get feedback, connection, reassurance, encouragement and even the occasional kick in the butt when needed. Support, guidance and accountability are all at your fingertips. You are NOT alone on this journey!


Venturing into a role-emerging area of practice is naturally going to require a big commitment to learning. By surrounding yourself with knowledgeable practitioners, asking informed questions and taking part in the group conversations, you'll be light years ahead of the curve!


Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just a few courses with tons of modules, this is a total immersion experience. In addition to the tools and training in our library, you’ll be helping us to create more resources, too! If you have a question that would be best served with an example or a masterclass, and we don’t have one yet, our team will be working to create it for you. Our learning hub is updated every quarter with new material!

here's a sneak peek at what's currently available in our LEARNING library:

Getting Inspired as an OT (1)



This 6-module online course was designed to provide members of the OT profession with a better understanding of how therapists can work in perinatal health. Each module is a combination of video lessons, text overviews, audio lessons, PDF handouts and worksheets.

WELCOME: How to Get the Most Out of This Series
i. An Intro from Melissa (5:21)
ii. OT and the Emerging Role in Women's Health (48:18)

MODULE 1: The Building Blocks of Prenatal Care
i. An Overview of the Changing Physiology Each Trimester (36:38)
ii. Common Complaints + Concerns in Pregnancy (44:21)
iii. Starting the Customer Journey Experience (30:39)

MODULE 2: A Beginner's Guide to Core & Pelvic Floor Health
i. Basic Principles in Core + Pelvic Floor Health
ii. A Review of Pelvic Health in Pregnancy
iii. Common Treatment Approaches
iv. Are You a Pelvic Health Advocate?

MODULE 3: Prenatal Wellness and Training for Delivery
i. Wellness vs Illness Models of Care (14:57)
ii. Changes in Pregnancy (12:54)
iii. Movement-Based Programs in Pregnancy (23:48)
iv. What Are Your Client's Options for Care? (26:35)
v. Structuring Your Workshops & Offerings
vi. Joint Ventures + Collaborative Opportunities

MODULE 4: An Overview of Late-Stage Pregnancy & Childbirth
i. Late-Stage Pregnancy, Pelvic Health + Childbirth Education (7:38)
ii. Endurance, Positioning + Timelines (9:44)
iii. The Physiology of Childbirth (23:48)
iv. Induction of Labour (12:06)
v. Being Prepared to Talk About Birth Plans (36:13)
vi. Supporting the Birth Partner (5:07)

MODULE 5: Supporting Your Client Through Fourth Trimester
i. An Overview of Postnatal Recovery (22:37)
ii. Strengthening from the Inside-Out (19:44)
iii. Fourth Trimester + Early Brain Development (40:03)

iv. Sleep + Self-Regulation (53:21)
v. Supporting a Healthy Feeding Relationship (10:00)
vi. C-Section Recovery (45:12)

MODULE 6: Breaking the Silence in Mental Health + Trauma
i. Emotional Health + Early Life Relationships (30:54)
ii. An Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health (16:14)
iii. The Impact of Pelvic Health + Wellbeing (5:53)
iv. An Overview of Trauma (14:48)
Boundaries + Burnout (30:03)
v. Post-traumatic Growth + Healing Conversations (11:21)

BONUS CONTENT: Special guest interviews with other perinatal health practitioners and business owners. 

Getting Inspired as an OT (2)


This introductory series is a combination of video lessons, audio resources and PDF worksheets, designed for therapists that are at the beginning stages of private practice in women's health, whether part-time or full-time. 

[LESSON 1] Choosing a Business Model (11:26)
[LESSON 2] Mindset + Habits (18:18)
[LESSON 3] Who's Your Target Audience? (10:19)
[LESSON 4] Knowing Your What & How (12:23)
[LESSON 5] Where Will You Practice? (24:20)
[LESSON 6] Getting Clear on Your Why (8:30)
[LESSON 7] Heart-Led Finances (20:22)
[LESSON 8] Treading Water (16:19)
[LESSON 9] Learning to Swim (12:59)
[LESSON 10] Self-Care + Balance (13:33)

Getting Inspired as an OT (3)

Join me for this special coffee date series where we're sharing stories of perseverance and determination, where as therapists we've had to dig deep and navigate our way through extraordinarily challenging situations, personally and professionally.

Episode topics include:

  • Setting your energetic boundaries
  • Working through a natural disaster
  • Hormone cycles and business planning 
  • Healing your relationship with money 
  • Preparing your business for the unexpected
  • An integrative approach to parenting with chronic pain
  • Post-traumatic growth and entrepreneurship
Getting Inspired as an OT (6)

Taking Your Therapy Practice Online ($497 Value)

This series is a combination of video lessons, online workshops, masterclasses and worksheets including: 

[VIDEO LESSON] Crafting Your Offer
[VIDEO LESSON] Creating Your First Online Course

[MASTERCLASS] Building a Healthy Email List 

[MASTERCLASS] Free Discovery Calls that Convert
[MASTERCLASS] Understanding Your Client Avatar
[WORKSHOP] Creating a 3-Year Vision
[WORKSHOP] Planning Your Quarter
[WORKSHOP] Setting Up Your Online Scheduler

What's Your Investment?


  • 3-Month Unlimited Access to WHOT Learning Hub
  • Payment Plan Available


  • 6-Month Unlimited Access to WHOT Learning Hub
  • Payment Plan Available

What Some of Our Successful Students Have to Say:

"Since working with Melissa, I’ve gotten better at defining my boundaries, building confidence, stepping out of my comfort zone and pursuing professional growth opportunities I would have been too intimidated to attempt before… I love that she’s able to relate to clinicians with personal examples that she has encountered with relation to common struggles that therapists are encountering when entering this field. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to take the plunge and sign up. You won’t regret it and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!"

Allison L. - Pennsylvania, USA 

This community is filled with so many amazing like-minded therapists, information and resources! When I first started working with Melissa, I was a pediatric OT and had been for about 10 years at that point, but I wanted more.  As a member, I’ve gotten more clarity on how women’s health fits into my practice, and have started on a journey of starting my own private practice, mostly online, revamping that business, and now creating and launching my very first online course!  I have worked with a business coach in the past, but it wasn't until I started working with Melissa that things started to really click. Melissa is real, she knows her stuff and she has the OT clinical experience, which I love. She seems to understand my journey, what I need and where I want to go. With her enthusiasm and her connections from all over the world, I’m feeling so supported on this journey alongside other 'trailblazing' OTs in this area!  I highly recommend everything and anything Melissa offers!

Kaili E. - Toronto, Canada

"After joining this community, I have so much more confidence in what I'm doing as I establish my business and bring my vision to a reality. I love so many things about being a member - the strong sense of community, the genuine care and support of each other, as well as the friendships that have grown from our shared experiences. It's also a great go-to for business ideas and resources!"

Janelle G. - Melbourne, Australia

"If you're a therapist who's venturing into the entrepreneurial world, or dabbling with the idea of taking more of your services online, Melissa is your girl! I've worked with her over the last few months and in that short time, I've made more progress on my business goals than I had for a couple of years of figuring it out on my own. Her community will help you both with your mindset (which is where it all begins) and with the nitty gritty. As an OT, I've found it particularly helpful to work with someone who really gets what we are all about, and the tensions that come with entrepreneurship and the helping professions. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Jessica H. - South Africa

"I came to the community with a dream. With the support and information I gained through working with Melissa and being part of her community I felt confident and empowered to start working in maternal health. Melissa's ability to cultivate an engaging and supportive community not only helps individuals in their goals but lifts the profile of women's health and those seeking to make a difference in this vitally important area."

Sarah R. - Darwin, Australia


What's Your Investment?


  • 3-Month Unlimited Access to WHOT Learning Hub
  • Payment Plan Available


  • 6-Month Unlimited Access to WHOT Learning Hub
  • Payment Plan Available

“After practicing as a rural OT for 13 years, I now have the absolute pleasure of coaching and supporting dozens of inspirational therapists from around the world, as they build their women's health practices and venture into the online space.

Inspired by these growing connections, I've created the WHOT Learning Hub as a platform for sharing more stories, creating more content and empowering more practitioners to take action as they chase their dreams.

By creating a supportive online space for professional development and personal growth, I'm able to serve as a guide for more OTs as they venture into the world of women's health."

- Melissa LaPointe, Community Leader & Content Creator

Retreat Host: Melissa LaPointe Hiking