The following programs are designed for OTs who are new to our learning community and on a limited budget. We've compiled a number of our masterclasses and training resources, with the intentions of giving you a little boost in your learning without breaking the bank!
How to Build an Online Revenue Stream as an OT Gone Rogue

This is a new program that Melissa is creating and launching in March 2021, that will cover the fundamentals of nailing your niche, creating and positioning an online offer, the art of selling, overcoming imposter syndrome and most importantly, how to cut through the noise with your messaging so that you can attract the right people. 


An OT's Guide for Getting Started in Prenatal/Postnatal Health

This is a series of training programs and masterclasses on topics related to OT lifestyle + wellness programs including pelvic health, training for delivery, a brain-based approach to fourth trimester, choosing your niche + avatar and getting clear on your why. 


From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

This is a 7-Day FREE reset for OTs in business who are also navigating life's major events and curve balls. If you're needing support in keeping your head above water and getting out of overwhelm, this is the place for you. 


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