Take Your Business to the Next Level

Applications are now being accepted
for Visionaries on Fire 2019

Because it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

You don’t have to do it alone.

And you’re not selfish for wanting it all.

What is Visionaries on Fire & How Can It Help Me?

Visionaries on Fire is designed for therapists that have BIG ideas when it comes to women's health and family wellness... And you're ready to surround yourself with people that will support you in seeing these ideas to fruition. 

Together, we support each other in putting ourselves out there, building our audience, growing our team and following through. 

While still having a life. Without sacrificing your health -- or your sanity.

If you’re feeling weary of taking on more client work but still want to move your business to the next level, learning how to automate more of your systems and generating an online revenue is essential. Visionaries on Fire is your chance to immerse yourself amongst experienced online entrepreneurs, teachers and content creators. We'll encourage you, support you and lift you up like never before!

Enrolment is now open for a limited number of spots in this highly interactive and supportive mastermind group. If you're serious about creating and successfully launching your next online product, keep reading!


Our mastermind group includes:

  • Monthly calls with Melissa where the focus is on accountability, goal-setting and member check-ins
  • Monthly calls with Melissa that include a question period and Hot Seat coaching calls with members
  • Bi-weekly Live Q&A calls with one of our group leaders, where where you have the chance to ask all of your questions related to content creation and technology in a judgement-free zone.
  • Access to a highly interactive and supportive community of therapists from across the globe.
  • Accountability and encouragement from members of our mastermind group.
  • Worksheets and templates to create and build your online product
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support from Melissa and her team
  • Support with crafting and pricing your offer
  • Access to a training vault of special guest interviews, masterclasses and business resources for the virtual therapist

Everything in this program is strategically designed to push you to a whole new level when it comes to building your online revenue stream in the health and wellness industry.

We hold your hand during times of uncertainty, we walk beside you when you’re feeling alone, we catch you when you stumble and we won’t hesitate to give you a gentle kick in the butt when you’re struggling to take action!


VoF is by Application-Only and Spots are Limited!

This is as much about our unique contributions as it is the collective determination of our group. The members, the camaraderie, the supportive relationships... That's what makes this mastermind truly special. 

And it's for this reason that admission into Visionaries on Fire is only available through application and an interview process.

This isn’t just a program… it’s a complete life experience.

Why Am I Committed to Helping More Therapists Succeed in the Online Space?

If you’re wondering why I’m so freakin’ passionate about supporting therapists to build an online revenue stream, read on...

I ventured into business in 2013 with a part-time brick and mortar therapy practice, integrating pediatrics with cash-based prenatal/postnatal health. I started out with minimal business experience, zero cash flow, a hope and a prayer. I had capacity to physically and emotionally work 10-15 hours per week out of the home while being the primary caregiver for a sensitive, demanding baby that never slept. It was by no means easy but each day, I would take baby steps.

By 2014, I was still working part-time hours so I could be home with my now-toddler son. I taught myself how to build and create online courses as another revenue stream, often late at night after he was in bed. I signed up for an affordable online business coaching program. I read books, I took more courses. With every dollar that I would make, I would re-invest it into my own learning, fuelling my mind. With each year, I slowly grew my revenue and re-invested into my personal development and professional growth.

In 2017, I expanded my online offerings to include 1:1 mentoring and coaching. When we were evacuated for 63 days because of the wildfires, I launched a paid membership site as a way to start bringing in more recurring revenue. In November of 2017, over the span of three weeks, my husband lost his job, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour and we were airlifted to the children's hospital for surgery. I was able to do a flash sale for one of my online courses literally from the coffee shop at the hospital and generate $2000 to help cover our travel costs.

Now, don't get me wrong... This has been a ton of learning, many ego-bruising moments and a huge investment of finances, time and energy. I've now invested more in my training and education as an online entrepreneur than I have as an occupational therapist...

And I wouldn’t change a thing!

After three years of teaching, coaching and mentoring over 150 therapists, I can see that so many women in business need more than resources and information.

They need connection, emotional support and guidance around mindset challenges.

They need more direction with strategic planning and more help with thinking like the boss. They need more confidence in talking about finances. They need concrete strategies in balancing life and family!

This is why it was important for me to create a supportive community of content creators, thought leaders and visionary thinkers in occupational therapy, women's health and family wellness. It’s my mission to pass my knowledge of online marketing and business development onto other health professionals, allowing them to thrive as online entrepreneurs without making the same mistakes that I once did.

Is this program right for me?

Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

VoF is the BEST FIT for those who are:

  • Wanting to embrace the age of technology and the crazy amount of opportunities that come with it.
  • Leaders and changemakers in healthcare looking to make a big leap forward in 2019 (and beyond!).
  • Willing to be open to change, personal growth and development.
  • Interested in having a breakthrough year in business!