business coaching Jul 13, 2021

After a short hiatus to enjoy some time by the lake, we're back with another episode! 

Today, I'm joined by my special guest Jenny Gill, an OT entrepreneur with a passion for health promotion and education. She's now using her talent for writing to help other practitioners promote their amazing programs, products and services within the rehabilitation industry. 

In this episode, you'll hear Jenny and I chat about all kinds of things related to writing better copy, getting clear on your messaging and some of the common challenges that many OTS are running into when it comes to delegating and outsourcing. 

We talk about:

  • Why marketing needs to be considered in all aspects of your business
  • Getting your audience to actually pay attention to what you're saying 
  • What motivated Jenny to start a business with a focus on copywriting services for OTs
  • Why Jenny loves to help OTs write copy for their websites 
  • The stages of business when OT entrepreneurs tend to seek more help
  • The importance of learning how to write better copy and getting clear on your messaging, even if you're outsourcing parts of it! 
  • How systems + processes can help to set you up for success
  • Jenny's tricks + tools for getting to know her client's style, brand voice and core message
  • The importance of setting a finish line when it comes to editing
  • Why we want to delegate and outsource parts of our business -- and the common challenges that arise in doing so
  • Jenny's next steps in creating a leveraged offer from a service-based business

And more!


You can connect with Jenny through her websiteInstagram, and Facebook

Or click here to download Jenny's free resource "5 Common Copywriting Mistakes Made by OTs (And How to Fix Them)"

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