business coaching podcast Jun 12, 2021

Yes, it’s true. The countdown is on.

After today, we have 9 episodes left before we wrap up season one! 

And in this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain on why we’re going on a short hiatus and what our listeners can expect in the next few months. 

Some of the things I talk about on today’s show: 

  • The original [currently unpublished] kickoff episode for the show where I was joined by a standup comedian 
  • Why we decided on 40 episodes for Season One
  • Launching my podcast around a health scare
  • Building the infrastructure of our podcasting community
  • My travel plans now that the world is starting to open up again
  • Practicing what I preach with cycles in my business and intentional rest
  • How slowing down on production will help me to go deeper connection and community
  • What to expect for the final nine episodes


If you’re listening to this episode in JUNE 2021 and you have an interest in learning more about what it means to work online, come on over to my pop-up Facebook group “The Rise of the Digital Therapist”. 

This is where I’m hanging out on social media for the rest of June, answering questions about my training series on the Business of Coaching, offering bonus coaching calls and basically pulling out ALL the stops in how I can help more OTs to create a blueprint for growing + scaling their business through digital products. But remember, we're only doing this for the month of June! 

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