business coaching mindset May 29, 2021

In today’s episode, we’re talking about COACHING. 

More specifically, I’m taking you through a five-step process for getting more 1:1 coaching clients. 

And no, this information doesn’t apply to only a certain type of coaching. If you’re working with individual clients in a coaching capacity, get ready to take some notes!

Some of the things we talk about in this episode: 

  • Setting your monthly revenue goal
  • Getting clear on how many coaching clients you want 
  • Tracking your discovery call conversion rate
  • Mapping out the life cycle for potential clients
  • Choosing your client entry point
  • Putting together your coaching offer

And more! 

Would you like more guidance and support in putting together your coaching offer? Join me for part TWO of our three-part training series on The Business of Coaching, where that’s exactly what I’m going to lead you through. 

You can sign up here: www.melissalapointe.com/coaching 

If you resonated with my five steps for more 1:1 coaching clients, I would love to know! Tag me in our OTs Gone Rogue Facebook Community or on Instagram @otsgonerogue.

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