Ok, folks, it's time! Today we're releasing our first special edition episode as part of our newest offering, "The OTs Gone Rogue Coaching Call Series".

What is this all about, you ask? 

Once a month, I'm inviting an OT from our Rogue Community to join me on the air for a coaching call (that's intertwined with teachable moments for our audience), where I'm going to help  them take the next steps in building a sustainable online revenue stream. 

And today, we're kicking things off with our first guest, Moira Pena! 

Moira is an OT, a speaker and an educator with over 20 years’ experience working with children and youth on the autism spectrum, as well as other individuals experiencing sensory processing differences. She applied for this coaching call to get a better understanding on how she can grow and scale an online course that she’s created to help OTs become confident and effective in their use of sensory-based interventions. 


In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The importance of making CEO decisions when creating your course

  • The T.L.C. method of building your audience and gaining more customers

  • When to stay away from paid advertising and focus instead on organic traffic

  • Why most OTs are doing things backwards in terms of what to post on social media

  • Launch runways and why it's important to talk about your program BEFORE you start selling it!

  • Common misconceptions to a longer "cart open" period 

  • The importance of rhythms and recovery time in launching

  • The benefits of a wait list and how to use it to nurture your audience

  • Why there's no "best way to launch" and we ALL have to start somewhere!

  • Creating a community experience for our students while setting clear boundaries on our time

  • What to include in your "about me section" on your sales page

If you liked this special episode, please let me know your takeaways! Tag me in the OTs Gone Rogue Facebook Community or on Instagram @otsgonerogue.


Moira's Website and Instagram.

If you would like to check out Moira's course, click here -- Autism & Sensory Processing: Concepts, Evidence & BEST Strategies



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