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Today’s episode is another deep dive into the world of OTs serving OTs. I’m delighted to be joined by my guest, Courtney Smith, and we’re going to not only share about our mutual love of marketing but we’re going to enlighten you on the power of email! 

Courtney is a dual therapist, credentialed as both an occupational and physical therapist. After working all over the US as a travel therapist for four years, in 2020 she ventured into entrepreneurship and started an email marketing copywriting business, The Office On Call, LLC. She now spends her time empowering therapists to grow their practice with sales funnel strategies and through writing copy that attracts, nurtures and converts online traffic into paying clients 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How a clinical degree is still valuable even when it’s used in a different way.

  • Exactly why email marketing is so powerful – you’re going to become a believer too!

  • Why many OTs struggle with writing copy as a clinician.

  • A little secret that no one starts with their marketing all together – but learning it all yourself isn’t the fastest pathway to success.

  • Her plans to connect healthcare entrepreneurs with virtual assistants. (I think I just heard a cheer of gratitude!) 



Courtney’s WebsiteFacebook Page and Instagram

Her mentioned freebie: The Lead Magnet Creation Guide


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